if i was ever friends with a celebrity i would say their profession and their full name just to piss them off 


i just saw graffiti and all it said was ‘bagels!’….i’m really happy somebody is passionate enough about bagels to spray paint it on a wall

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Anonymous: I don't have cable, what's "Faking It"?


Get this! A show about two “awkward” cis white heterosexual girls pretending to be freaky lesbians so they can be popular! Because being out in high school makes you SO cool ! The get invited to all the parties now that they are lesbians! The show is a comedy too, you can laugh at many of the jokes ranging from “Does that mean I’m the butch ?” ー because you know you need one girl and one boy in ever lesbian relationship, to “I’ve need some lesbian energy in my life” ー because lesbians are fun objects, like scented candles ! The show is very quirky and I bet EVERY ally in town will be tuning to see it ! Who do you ship?

Revolutionary 🍴

note to self: biking with a super competitive world record holder is not a good idea


im crying one direction got some nerve committing a sin as bad as making zayn morph into louis when its good friday jesus didnt die for that

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fuck everything im watching mulan

i cant decide whether or not to try to finish the short story im writing for a school contest


you and bye

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